An old interview of Tracee Ellis Ross sitting down with The Breakfast Club recently resurfaced and in it the Black-ish actress talks about the way women manipulate their appearance to fit beauty standards. She makes it quite clear that she’s not bashing women who wear weaves or wigs, but focuses on the way society tells women how to look. Tracee Ellis Ross Finally Met Rae Sremmurd, and It Was Lit! The actress expanded on those thoughts Tuesday when she posted a video to Facebook addressing the resurfaced interview. In the video she says: “I don’t like the idea that women might be shamed into making choices, or feel shame for the choices that they make. I’m making a comment on our culture. A culture of beauty that narrowly defines beauty and this idea that women are only objects and worthy of love if they match up to this ever-changing always unattainable, like, arbitrary standard of beauty.” Tracee Ellis Ross’ First Encounter with Prince Was Pretty Hilarious Ross adds that whatever enhancements or beauty alterations women seek should be used to empower them, not to fix something society doesn’t agree with. She encourages both men and women to join the conversation and seek ways to change the way we understand beauty. Tracee Ellis Ross’ Bantu Knots Are Our Newest Hair Obsession “I wonder what it would be if each of us expanded our idea and our definition of what beauty is. The hope and the goal is that each of us find it within. That’s what I wish for everybody. That’s what I want for myself.” WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. TOPICS: