Listen Up, Vegetarians! Tracee Ellis Ross Has The Best Recipe For Meat-Free Collard Greens
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It’s no secret that Tracee Ellis Ross is a jack of all trades. 

She’s a Golden Globe-winning actress, a certified fashion darling, and dabbles in the rap game as her hip-hop persona, T-Murda. 

Another thing the Black-ish star is damn good at? Making collard greens!

As a guest on Desus & Mero, Thursday night, the star revealed that she’s mastered the art of making amazing greens that are meat free and packed with flavor. 

“My mom is a great cook. For Thanksgiving, she does turkey, the black-eyed peas and the stuffing and then we fight over who does the greens and who does the mac and cheese because it’s either me or Rhonda for the greens and then Ross, me and Rhonda for the mac and cheese and Chutney always does the pies.”

Well, how does she make these Diana Ross and family approved greens exactly? She spilled some of the culinary tea on that too. 

Step One: Use Artisanal Salt

“For me, I’ve found because there are a lot of vegetarians in our family, some of the husbands that came in [are], so it’s no bacon grease and no swine. But I found a smoked salt that literally tastes like you used a turkey neck. It literally gives you that feeling. “

Step Two: Don’t Go Heavy On The Seasonings 

“The key is to not over the season while they’re cooking because before they cook down if you over season, they can get too salty really fast.”

Step Three: Use The Basics Too

“I also use vinegar while cooking.”

Step Four: Take Baby Steps

“I also like to take the necks, like the spine of the collard and chop all those up really small and I start with the teeniest bit of water and I let all those cook first and then I put the rest [of the green].”

Step Five: Remember, Patience Is Key

“Plus, they’re always better day two anyway.”

Voila, there you have it!