Tracee Ellis Ross’ First Encounter with Prince Was Pretty Hilarious
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It seems everyone has an interesting story of the time they met Prince, and Tracee Ellis Ross is no different. 

On Tuesday, Ross appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote Black-ish, but also took time to talk about what it was like meeting Prince as a preteen. After one of the late icon’s concerts, her mom, the also iconic Diana Ross, took her backstage to meet the singer. Prince chatted with Tracee and Diana for a bit, but once he turned to leave that’s when Tracee noticed his attire. 

Meli’sa Morgan Reflects On Her Friendship With Prince

“He went to walk away and he turned around and he was wearing chaps with nothing else underneath and his just bare bottom was exposed and I was like ‘My God!’. Like as a child I was like that’s disgusting and I was like mom that is so gross and she goes. ‘No, that’s cool.’”

But, despite that first encounter, Tracee was a fan much like the rest of the world and was saddened by the news of his passing. She sent her condolences to those close to Prince, saying,

“It’s heartbreaking and, you know,  I have to say when you love somebody that’s that magical that the world loves them you have to share them with the world. I just hope that those people are having their moment to grieve the loss of their friend.”

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