Like Father, Like Daughter! Tracee Ellis Ross Is Every Kid With Their Parent At The Grocery Store
Evan Agostini

This article originally appeared on People. 

Now we know where Tracee Ellis Ross gets her comedic chops!

The 44-year-old Black-ish star spent Tuesday afternoon with her father, music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein. Ross recorded their moments in the market on Instagram, proving that your parents never change.

“Oh, I love this guy and he makes me laugh so hard,” Ross wrote in the caption of the video. “So much like him! #IGetItFromMyDad.”

In the Instagram clip, Ross could be seen trying to stop her dad from reaching over a glass panel as he tried to order something.

“Dad, I don’t think she’s allowed to do that,” Ross warns. “She can’t just pass it to you, it’s illegal! Get your hand out of the glass!”

A moment later, Silberstein heads toward the lemons and as he picks them up, Ross asks, “What are you doing. dad? Leave the lemons alone!”

Silberstein wasn’t having it.

“America’s got talent!” he declares, juggling the lemons in the air.

“No, but you don’t have –” she says, breaking off as she laughs when her dad dropped the lemons on the floor.

Ross is the eldest child of Diana Ross and Silberstein. They also share Chudney Ross, 41, while Silberstein raised Diana’s eldest child, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, as his own.