Tracee Ellis Ross is ‘Confused’ by People Who Don’t Like the Word Feminist

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“It means you believe in the equality for everyone," says Tracee Ellis Ross.

Toni Akindele Mar, 23, 2016

Tracee Ellis Ross says she finds people who still have issues with the label “feminist” a bit “confusing.” 

In an interview with NY Mag, the Black-ish star admits that she herself didn’t completely grasp the word when she was younger. “I think I had a sort of peripheral relationship to it. Everyone thought feminism was a dirty word, and I never really understood why.”

She now understands the title best from Gloria Steinem’s definition. “It means you believe in the equality for everyone. If you look back at what I believe and what I stand for, I am certainly a proud feminist.”

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Ross reveals that her Black-ish character Rainbow Johnson is also a feminist as displayed in an opening scene when Johnson’s husband asks if his gay sister will take her fiancée’s name. “I say, ‘Why does it matter? I didn’t take yours.’ He says, ‘What do you mean?’ and I say, ‘What are you talking about? I’m a feminist.’ So we state that ‘Bow is a feminist,’ and from there it was very interesting, some of the things that were written,” says Ross.