Toya Wright Has Finally Revealed Her Baby Girl’s Name

Toya Wright has finally revealed the name of her baby girl just months after confirming she’s expecting her second child.

Snapping a photo of herself, Wright shared on Instagram, “Just me and my Reignbeaux.” 

Just me and my Reignbeaux🌈👶🏽

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The reveal received mixed reactions, but one Instagram user came to Wright’s defense with the idea that the baby’s name has a much deeper meaning. “Everyone saying its a horrible name and such, did it ever occur to you that this may be her Reignbeaux baby?” wrote @firstladie97. “I mean surely most of you know a Rainbow baby is a baby that comes after the loss of another baby so maybe the name means something to her. Geesh people let this lady enjoy herself.”

However, Wright doesn’t seem too bothered by the response to her daughter’s name, she’ already busy getting things ready for her little bundle of joy. 

“Another day closer to meeting my baby girl…God knew my heart needed her,” she captioned a recent Instagram video. 

Wright confirmed she was expecting back in September. Since then, fans have been trying to figure out who the baby’s father is as Wright has remained tight-lipped. Many believe sports manager Robert “Red” Rushing is the father as the two have reportedly been dating for a while. 

Fans also got a little hint about the baby’s name in November, when Wright’s BFF and business partner Dee Cardriche celebrated becoming the baby’s godmother.