14 Photos Of Toya Wright And Reginae Carter Being Total Mother-Daughter Goals

From prom poses to college visits, we just love Toya Wright and daughter Reginae's togetherness.

Lauren Porter Apr, 18, 2017

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For Reginae's senior prom, Toya was right by her side as she slayed the day away!

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Toya and her ex-husband Lil Wayne welcomed their daughter Reginae in 1998 and ever since then, these two have been the best of friends.

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As Reginae prepares to head off to college, it's only right that these two take the tour of a lifetime!

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With Reginae by her side, Toya has the perfect partner in crime.

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It's obvious that Toya and her mini-me and Reginae are summer time delights!

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So much Christmas cheer from Toya and Reginae!

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At Disney World over the holidays, these two are the cutest duo around!

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Hanging out with mom means you get to match her fly and still be fab!

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With an easy, breezy casual look, Toya and her baby girl are so full of #BlackGirlMagic!

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Come through camo! Toya and Reginae are killing it in one of the coolest colors around.

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Whether they are matching or rocking similar looks, these two always look so divine!

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We love that these ladies change up their looks especially when it's rocking bold braids together!

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How sweet is this photo!

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Even on their relaxed days, this mother-daughter duo is still forever and ever one of our faves!