"I Got A Job!' 9 Of The Funniest 'Tommy' Quotes From ‘Martin’

Fans, family and friends are mourning the loss of ‘Martin’ star Tommy Ford. The comedic actor was recovering from knee surgery when he slipped into “a state of unconsciousness” before succumbing to complications from the surgery on Wednesday afternoon. As we remember Tommy Ford and celebrate his life, here’s a look at the funniest quotes from the beloved character who has kept us all laughing through the years and still has us asking, "what did he do for work?"

Rachaell Davis Oct, 13, 2016

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“Got the draws!” Arguably the most memorable quote from Tommy, this moment came when Tommy took the stand in court to be questioned by Martin about the meaning of “GTD,” among other things.

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“Can’t touch this!” Tommy getting his MC Hammer on for Cole and Martin was one of his funniest moments of all.

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“Martin, we have been friends out whole lives, you know what I do.” Tommy consistently gave Martin this reply when he asked about the specifics of his “job.”

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“For your information, I got date with this honey down at my job.” Martin replied by cautioning Tommy about dating women who are unemployed…..and it was hilarious.

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“You don’t hear me talking about how many pillows Gina done wore down with that big dome of hers.” In an epic scene, Martin and Gina trade couples insults with Tommy and Pam. This quote from Tommy was one of the highlights of the episode.

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“Martin, that special woman is Pam." Who can forget when Tommy revealed to Martin that Pam was bae?!

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“I need it for my job!” The details of Tommy’s “job” and whether or not he actually had one were a running joke through the entire Martin series.

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“Martin, maybe I can get you a job down where I work, doing what I do.” When Martin fell on hard times, he was skeptical about Tommy offering to get him hired at “his job.”

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“Aww baby, you know what I do.” When Pam finally worked up the nerve to ask Tommy what he does for a living after they started dating, this reply was all she got.