Tiny and T.I.’s baby girl Heiress Diana is growing up and her parents are pulling out all the stops to celebrate her special day in a big way. 

The tiny tot started off her second birthday with a brunch featuring Disney channel character Doc McStuffins. The day wasn’t complete without a mid-day party with Elmo, her siblings and butterfly face paint. And the daughter of two of Atlanta’s musical staples ended the celebration by reciting the ABCs with her mom. 

Birthday brunch with family and Doc McStuffin.

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Enjoying my birthday!

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Today I turn 2!!!

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To mark his baby girl’s birthday, T.I. wrote a sweet note for Heiress expressing his love for her. 

“What a day!!! 2 Years ago today our lives were made so much better. I can’t even begin to describe how much we’ve all grown because of you being put in our worlds. You’re an intelligent, beautiful, talented, amazing person already and you’re still just a baby!!! Can’t wait to see all you’re going to accomplish in life. I’m so proud to be a part of it. I love you more than words can express (even wit my vocab) I’ll always be here to guide you & help you take on any challenge the universe can send your way. And I’m super proud that you still remember our song. I truly love you to NO END !!! Happy 2nd Birthday scooter poots,” he wrote.

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The Xscape singer shared how proud she was of her “sunshine” as she shouted our her ABCs just before bedtime. 

Sorry left off the ending! @heiressdharris 👑💜

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Tiny wrote, “Just in case you didn’t know it’s a Real baby genius bday today!! @heiressdharris #Lucky7 was so much of a Blessing to me & my entire family. I call her my Life Savor anything I coulda been going thru in my life she made it all better. Always a great day with her here!! Happy Birthday My Sunshine, Miss Ph.D. such perfect initials for my smart Tootie! Brightening your timeline all day with My LifeLine Princess Heiress Diana #WeKickedThisOffAfter12BeforeBed #JustToLetYouKnowHowSharpWeAre #NotSureWhatHappenToTheV #ButYouGetThePoint #WeBySightWithOurs #WeDontNeedNoSongNoMore.”

Happy birthday, Heiress!