Hitmaker: 6 Writing Credits Tiny Harris Has Under Her Belt

Harris has some surprising songs on her resumé.

Sydney Scott Apr, 20, 2017

Tiny Harris and T.I.’s impending divorce has many wondering what went wrong with the happy couple as rumors fly about their marriage.

Haters have also taken to social media to come for Harris’ career, implying that without T.I. she’s got nothing. Well, to those haters, we say, “Where are your hits?”

Along with her career in the girl group Xscape, Harris has writing credits on a few hits that you may not have realized she was behind. 

'No Scrubs' - TLC

The now iconic song about crusty dudes was co-penned by Harris along with Xscape member and bestie Kandi Burruss, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs. 

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Gucci This (Gucci That)

Harris helped pen the OMG Girlz track, which was the group's first single under Interscope. The group consisted of Harris' daughter Zonnique Pullins, her cousin Bahja Rodriguez, Rodriguez's younger sister Lourdes, Breaunna Womack,  and Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter.

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''Can't Hang''/"Do You Want To" - Xscape

"Do You Want To" acted as the B side to "Can't Hang," both of which Harris co-wrote. She also appears on all verses for "Do You Want To."

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''Dance With Me'' - Le Youth ft. Dominique Young Unique 

Tiny gets a nod from electronic DJ and producer Le Youth, after the musician sampled "No Scrubs" in his track "Dance With Me."

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"Shape of You" - Ed Sheeran

Initially uncredited, a fan noticed that "Shape of You" sounded a bit similar to "No Scrubs." Harris was later credited as a writer on the song.

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"Can't Trust Thots" - Wash

Performed by Wash and featuring French Montana, Harris appears as a co-writer along with BFF Kandi Burruss. 

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