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All Of The Times Tommy and Pam Gave Us #LoveGoals On 'Martin'

All Of The Times Tommy and Pam Gave Us #LoveGoals On ‘Martin’

After the sad and unexpected passing of Tommy Ford, we can’t help but to reminisce about all of his classic comedic moments on the hit 90s sitcom Martin and his hilarious flirtations with on-again off-again girlfriend Pam (Tichina Arnold). 

While the spotlight was often on Martin and Gina’s love escapades during the show, Pam and Tommy had a way of stealing the spotlight. 

Brought to life on-screen by Ford and Arnold, their characters where the perfect foil to Martin and Gina.

From the moment Martin found out his best friend and his worst enemy were an item to that time Gina was a little jealous of what Tommy and Pam had going on, these two characters will forever and always have a place in our hearts.

1. When Tommy admitted Pam was the special lady in his life.

2. When the “puppy” appeared.

3. When it was Martin and Gina vs. Tommy and Pam

4. When Tommy hilariously explains what “love” is.

Fans will argue about what Tommy’s “job” (or lack thereof) really was, but one thing is for sure, the love he had for Pam was undeniable.