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Tika Sumpter: 'I Never Felt Less Than As a Dark-Skinned Woman'

"Growing up I was like, 'Of course I'm cute,'" says the Haves and Have Nots star.
Tika Sumpter: ‘I Never Felt Less Than As a Dark-Skinned Woman’
Michael Rowe

Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant sit down for a candid discussion on the issue of colorism on the next episode of Life Class, airing tonight at 9pm.  

Colorism is described as the practice of discrimination among communities of color where lighter-skinned people are treated more favorably than those who are dark-skinned.

“It’s an issue that wreaks avow particularly in the African-American communities but in other communities as well,” says Oprah.

Though dark-skinned, The Haves and the Have Nots star Tika Sumpter says she was never affected by colorism. “I was never made to feel less than,” says Sumpter of growing up with five siblings who were all lighter than her. “Growing up I was like, ‘Of course I’m cute,’ recalls Sumpter. “I never felt like, ‘Wow, the light-skinned girls is gonna get all the boys.’

“It starts at home.”

Tune in to the conversation tonight on Oprah’s Life Class on OWN at 9pm ET.