Lauren Porter
Nov, 01, 2017

Tika Sumpter and her fiancé, fellow actor Nick James celebrated the Halloween holiday by getting all dressed up to go trick or treating with their daughter.

The couple channeled their inner Zach Morris and Lisa Turtle from the late 80s sitcom, Saved By The Bell, and the 37-year-old star only had eyes for her love.

Adult Halloween time: “Saved by the bell”, When Zach Morris met Lisa Turtle. @nickjames138

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The Have and The Have Nots costars also dressed up as a family with their daughter, Ella-Loren, who was adorable dressed as Tinkerbell. 

Tinkerbell making a couple of sandwiches for the lost boys. #disney #wendy #peterpan #halloween

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Sumpter revealed in January 2017 that she and James are engaged and the couple became parents last October when the actress gave birth to their baby girl.