Tiffany Haddish Shares Her Simple Little Trick To Getting Paid Equally
Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for PORTER Incredible Women Gala 2018
Tiffany Haddish wants to be paid just as much as the guys and she’s not settling for less. The actress recently shared why she thinks women aren’t getting their just due when it comes to their checks. “I think the reason why, a lot of times, we don’t get paid the same as men do is because we don’t talk about [money],” she told told Variety . “I think we do need to talk about it because I sure get in there and I’m like, ‘Hey, Kate Hudson. How much do they pay you for that? What kind of perks do you get for that?’”
She continued, “You know what they say? ‘A closed mouth don’t get fed.’ And a lot of the times we don’t open our mouths because we don’t even really know what we’re supposed to get. So, that’s why I do the research. I ask around.” And Haddish isn’t afraid to dig a little deeper in order to make sure her pockets get deeper too. “I’ve made friends with line producers that cut those checks, production managers so I can be like, ‘So, on average, how much does a girl get paid for? How much does a guy get paid?‘” she said as an example. Haddish isn’t the only celebrity to open up about receiving equal pay. A number of celebs have called attention to the issue, especially equal pay for Black women, including Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Laverne Cox.