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New & Next: Meet Tiffany Gouché, Hear Her Jazzy Futuristic Soul

You can hear everything from gospel to gangsta rap in the Inglewood, California native’s music

Meet Tiffany Gouché. Pronounced like touché, but with a G. It’s important to know this, so when you’re gushing about your latest music obsession, you’ll be sure to get the name right. Gouché has a rich and velvet voice that entrances you at first listen. Her latest release, Pillow Talk, is 24 minutes of raw sensuality and California coolness. Simply put, someone might get pregnant.

Gouché comes from a musical family where everyone, from her grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles are heavily involved in different types of music. You can hear everything from gospel to gangsta rap in the Inglewood, California native’s music. ESSENCE caught up with Tiffany in New York to talk about the evolution in her music, why she’d be the perfect student at Berklee College of Music, and the real meaning behind “Red Rum Melody.”

You play and produce all of your music. How many instruments do you play and did you study music? 
I am self-taught. My gift is spiritually given, literally God poured music inside of me. I play the piano and I’m learning the guitar. I love both instruments. I’ve been playing piano since I was 7. I want to learn every instrument, so I’m taking my time. You never stop learning. If you can vouch for me (laughs), I really want to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston and study music theory. I want to be able to sight read and write with the proper notation. If I have an orchestra, I would love to give them sheet music that I’ve composed. 

Talk about your creative evolution from Lionheart to Fantasy, to Pillow Talk
During Lionheart, I was mostly writing songs for other people. It was a collection of demo songs. There were a few songs for me, but I wasn’t in a place where I was accepting myself. I was going through self-identity issues. I am a queer woman, but then I was fighting it. I didn’t know that was something that I needed to make a decision about: who I really am and who I wanted to be. I was singing about men, but I don’t date men (laughs). When I made [my second album] Fantasy, that was my first step to accepting and loving myself. I was singing from an honest place, but being subtle. It was my first try at who I really am. As I got further into maturing as a musician, loving and accepting myself, I put out Pillow Talk and really enjoyed making the album. 

How have fans been receptive to the evolution in your music?
They love it and they love ALL of it. It makes me so happy. Lionheart is not my favorite, but I love it to see where I was. I can learn to love her too. I couldn’t be who I am without her. It’s the growth. It’s the journey. I am appreciative of each project.

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What is the sexiest song that you have ever made?
“Ready to Go” and “Red Rum Melody”

“Red Rum Melody” is a personal favorite. What inspired that song? 
Red rum backwards is murder. So basically, it’s the “murder” the p*ssy song. I just wanted to be clever and explicitly say ‘I’m going to murder it.‘

Describe your music in three words:
Sensual, Warm, and Free

“Red Rum Melody” embed code:

Tiffany Gouché’s upcoming album Pillow Talk 2 is forthcoming in 2017. She’s also working with Lalah Hathaway on her latest album.