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Three things you can always count on from Tia Mowry-Hardrict: a hearty ray-of-light laugh, a delicious recipe, and warm words of wisdom. The 42-year-old mom of two (who recently celebrated a birthday) delivers all of that and more on her YouTube show Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix and she brought some of that same sunbeam energy to Yes, Girl! with some encouraging words for women who may be feeling overwhelmed during self-isolation.

“It’s okay to put yourself first, when it comes to your wellness. It’s okay to take charge of your health and your mental health,” Mowry says. “Because I always say this, how can you be the best mom, how can you be the best wife, how can you be the best anything if you are feeling depleted?”

The multi-hyphenate trailblazer whose battle with endometriosis catalyzed her health journey is a proponent of women taking care of themselves from all sides.

“Take time for yourself. I think we forget about our mental health. The more we bleed and the more tired we are, and the more exhausted we are, it’s like we feel like that’s what makes us the best mom, or the best girlfriend, or the best… it’s like, no. When you give to yourself and when you are at peace, and you’re feeling good, you have energy, then you can be the best for whoever you want to be the best to, whether that’s, like I said, your husband, your children.”


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“Monday through Thursday, I’ll eat rather healthy, right? So eating protein, I’m eating vegetables, I’m trying to eat the salads. Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I eat what I want. And guess what? On Sunday, we are making some brownies.”


“Another reason I decided to come out with Anser is when I was on this wellness journey with myself, I didn’t see any representation. I didn’t see any women of diversity within this wellness space. And I thought that was ridiculous because I truly believe that representation is so important. There’s this relatability factor, and when you see a woman that looks like you, sharing your story, it makes you go, ‘Wow, well then maybe I can do it too.'”


“I cut his hair with scissors, because he desperately needed a hair cut, because we’re in quarantine and he was like, ‘Tia.’ So if you see, on my Instagram, he actually has this man bun, and he was like, ‘Tia, don’t cut the top of my hair, okay?'”

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