10 Times Foodie Tia Mowry’s Timeline Had Us Drooling

Our mouths are already watering!

Crystal Tate Jul, 27, 2017

As you know, actress Tia Mowry doesn’t play games in the kitchen. We first learned about Mowry’s culinary skills when her cooking reality show, Tia Mowry at Home, debuted on The Cooking Channel in 2015. Earlier this year, Mowry released her cooking book, Whole New You, which was Mowry’s first published book of recipes. Between Mowry’s clean-eating tips and delicious recipe ideas, we absolutely couldn’t get enough and to make matters worse, she regularly posts droolworthy photos of her homecooked meals on her Instagram and shares recipes on her popular You Tube channel Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix.

Click through for 10 of Mowry’s most mouthwatering meals. (We beg you, Tia! Teach us, please!)

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Can we talk about this delicious cheese spread that Mowry created just to watch Game of Thrones?!

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If you think the cheese spread was fancy, check out this magical meal that Mowry created in honor of the show. We’ve never seen more tasty-looking Brussel sprouts!

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We could eat this shrimp salad for lunch any day of the week.

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After one look at Mowry’s beef lentil soup, we’re ready to curl up under a blanket and eat this bowl of deliciousness.

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More tacos please! These gourmet catfish tacos with spicy red cabbage slaw that Mowry cooked up for Cinco de Mayo were pure perfection.

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This healthy smoothie bowl is so perfect you can eat it for breakfast, a midday snack or dessert! Mowry shows off her husband’s favorite one made with frozen pineapples and bananas.

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We’ve never seen more divine-looking crab cakes! Mowry also showed her fans how to make them on her cooking show, Tia Mowry at Home.

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OK we’re officially drooling! We’ve never been this excited about vegetables before until we saw Mowry’s mouthwatering mushroom and garlic flatbread.

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Mowry’s advocado toast topped with tomatoes and bacon looks like a true foodie’s dream. We can’t wait to try it!

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It’s no surprise to us that Mowry’s husband Cory and son Cree didn’t leave any of these vegetable spring rolls for her—they look so yummy!