The old nursery rhyme taught us that first comes love, then marriage and then the baby carriage. 

Tia and Tamera, Hollywood’s second favorite twins (you still remember The Olsens, right?), are dealing with the baby and the marriage at the same time. 

On last night’s episode, we saw Tamera balancing the stresses and joys associated with (fabulous) wedding planning, and Tia attempting to get freaky while fertile for her hubby. Here are a few things the twins taught us.

Someone, somewhere actually uses the term “Babymoon.”
And that someone is Tia’s publicist, Jordyn, who recommended that the expectant mother use her trip to Tamera’s wedding in Napa Valley as an opportunity to also get it in one last time before the baby arrives. You know, one last “hoo-ray.” Jordyn even suggest certain positions to avoid poking the little one.

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Tents cost a lot of money.
Once Tamera learns of the impeding rain, hail and lighting forecast for her wedding day, she realizes she’ll need a tent. But this ain’t the type of tent you slept in at sleep-away camp. This tent costs $20,000. “Frugal but not cheap,” Tamera decides to shell out the big bucks to save her wedding day. And while it did rain, the sun eventually came out. (That redhead Annie never lied!)

Celebrities wear regular stuff too.
Tamera bought Tia a pair of blinged-out sandals to wear at the wedding. While many were probably expecting a shoe that rhymes with “Boo” or red bottomed soles, the Cinderella sandals came in a regular ‘ole Steve Madden box. 

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Brides and mothers-to-be are emotional.
There was quite a bit of murmuring, arguing and complaining from both twins. And it’s understandable. Getting hitched and having a child are perhaps the two biggest events in a woman’s life. Add to that an expectation that your twin sister is suppose to be more concerned with your major life event than her own. The result: a great hour of reality drama.

Looking forward to next week.

What did you love about this episode?