‘Tia and Tamera’ Episode 6 Recap
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There was a lot of sisterly love on this week’s episode of “Tia and Tamera.”

Punch drunk on love, Tamera hasn’t been on an audition in six months. Tia stresses that her sister needs to find a balance; she can be in love and also work, so Tamera decides to get back in the swing of things by seeing her acting coach, Raphael. In the past, her roles have been young, fun and comedic, but the 33-year-old wants to try something new.

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Determined to come out of her comfort zone and challenge herself, Tamera decides to pursue dramatic roles. She even suggests playing a “crackhead” (Umm?) She admits to her coach that she’s anxious about auditioning and that her passive disposition might’ve kept her from being more assertive and confident, on and off camera. She also enlists the help of Sandra Clark, oops, Jackee, her former co-star from “Sister, Sister.” Jackee, always a straight-shooter, offers practical advice on transitioning from nice girl to flawed character.

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After a few tears and test runs, Tamera is ready. She calls her manager and confidently declares, “Tamera’s back.”

Meanwhile, Tia hasn’t gone anywhere. Literally. Now just two weeks away from her scheduled C-section, she has been put on bed rest. All of the idle time is making her feel crazy and she’s tired of reading magazines (ahem, she’s reading Essence magazine?) and sitting on the couch.

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At the suggestion of her publicist, Tia decides to hire a company to decorate her nursery. (The designers decorated J.Lo’s nursery.) Having a self-proclaimed issue with control, Tia has a hard time letting the designers take the reins. She even tries to sneak a look at the progress, but is intercepted by the designers.

Tamera stops by the house and even massages Tia’s feet, but also manages to point out “toe jam.” This, of course, upsets the (rightfully) emotional Tia. But life goes on. The twins learn CPR for babies in the home (30 pumps, 1 breath) and what not to do to mannequins. (Tamera accidentally pops off the baby’s face during the demonstration.) But Auntie Tamera (and Tia) is great at making sweet and emotional video diaries for baby Cree.

In the end, the nursery is revealed and it’s beautiful. Lots of yellows, browns and teddy bears. Simple but chic. Just like the twins.



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