T.I. Held A Boycott Against Houston’s Steakhouse For Alleged Discrimination
Craig Bromley
T.I. the activist has heralded a lot of causes lately, and the latest has to do with Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta. When actress Ernestine Johnson made Instagram post claiming she and her large party were discriminated against, T.I. launched a boycott of the restaurant chain. “OK, so I’ve heard four different stories from four different sources about discrimination against us at two separate Houston’s Steakhouse locations in my city,” he said in an initial post about the protest. “Tomorrow we get answers. #HoustonsWeHaveAProblem.”
According to Johnson’s account of the incident, she arrived to the steakhouse with a party of seven and was told they were too large to be seated. Johnson’s group offered to break into two groups —one of four and one of three— and were still told by the restaurant that they couldn’t accommodate them. An employee of the location was then asked on video about the denial to seat them, and had no response other than it wasn’t “prejudice” was given. “This is nothing new,” T.I. said in another Instagram post. “Just wanna show support to all the people who’ve ever felt profiled or discriminated against at this establishment.” In addition to T.I., Rick Ross and Tiny Harris have supported the cause. Houston’s and its parent company, Hillstone Restaurant Group have yet to comment.


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