Best Love Songs for V-Day

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Love is in the air, and whatever your forecast this Valentine’s Day, be sure to add a soundtrack to it.Love can be so complicated, but good music always makes it that much simpler. So grab your iPod, dust that record off, or find that old mix tape from your high school boo and sing along to 50 of the best love songs for Valentine’s Day.

Whitney Houston: “You Give Good Love”

If its good, tell him.

Al Green: “Love and Happiness”

“Can make you do wrong/Make you do right.” That about sums it up.

Cherelle and Alexander O’Neal: “Saturday Love”

Because sometimes all you end up with is the weekend

Anita Baker: “Sweet Love”

The only thing sweeter than this song is love itself.

Aretha Franklin: “Natural Woman”

Because a good man brings out the best in any woman.

Baby Face: “Soon as I Get Home from Work”

He gives good love, buys your clothes and cooks your dinner? Now, that’s love (and a keeper)!

Bill Withers: “Lovely Day”

You’ve got something special when the mere thought of your honey erases the troubles of the day.

Billy Joel:”Love You Just The Way You Are”

He/she loves you just the way you are. You are the perfect you. Period.

Bruno Mars: “Just the Way You Are”

A contemporary reminder that yes, you are the perfect you.

Bob Marley: “Is this Love?”

When you can’t attach a name to that feel-good feeling, it might be love.

Boyz II Men: “I’ll Make Love to You”

Strap in, this is gonna be a long (and fun) night.

Brian McKnight: “Never Felt this Way”

Even if you took away the melody, this ballad would still be beautiful.

Chaka Khan: “Ain’t Nobody”

First you put your arms around me. Then you put your charm around me.” That’s how it usually starts.

D Angelo: “Lady”

Who didn’t want to be his lady in the ’90s?

DeBarge: “All this Love”

After all these years, this song still has that magic.

Eric Benet featuring Tamia: “Spend My Life with You”

This beautiful duet should be served with a wedding dress.

Etta James: “At Last”

You can finally exhale.

Fantasia: “When I see You”

The “butterflies in the stomach” phase of love is always the most fun.

Floetry: “Say Yes”

Because love is not sex, but…

Freddy Jackson: “You Are My Lady”

Freddy always had a way with words.

Gerald Levert: “Baby Hold on to Me”

Because every woman needs something to hold on to.

Isley brothers: “Between the Sheets”

Silk, cotton, flannel. It doesn’t matter, your boo just wants you in between ‘em.

Janet Jackson: “Anytime, Anyplace”

The exhibitionist in you can never forget this song.

Keith Sweat: “Make It Last Forever”

Moaning never sounded so good.

Kem: “Love Calls”

When love calls, you better answer.

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Mary J. Blige & Method Man: “You’re all I Need”

Because thugs need love too.

Kenny Lattimore: “For You”

All roads begin and end with that special someone.

Keyshia Cole: “Heaven Sent”

“Every good gift and every perfect gift comes from above.”

Luther Vandross: “House is not a Home”

Because love makes all the difference.

Mariah Carey: “Vision Of Love”

Because dreams do come true.

Mary J. Blige: “Share My World”

Because love is never stingy.

Maxwell: “Fortunate”

The world is a lot prettier when you’re in love.

Michael Jackson: “Liberian Girl”

MJ’s beautiful tone and adlibs alone put many of today’s artists to shame.

Minnie Riperton: “Loving You”

A love song that never gets old (and somehow neither do the birds chirping in the background).

Patti Labelle: “If You Asked Me To”

Sometimes you have the answer and only need the question.

Otis Redding: “Try A Little Tenderness”

Otis Redding was the original relationship expert.

New Edition: “Can You Stand the Rain?”

Because love so often comes with a side of pain.

Musiq: “Love”

Love is all we ever really needed.

Destiny’s Child: “Cater to You”

What better way to honor the one you love than by catering to their every need?

Levert: “Baby I’m ready”

Because it’s always so beautiful to hear a man say he’s ready to give you all his love.

Mint Condition: “Pretty Brown Eyes”

The eyes never lie.

Jodeci: “Forever my Lady”

A certified 90s R&B classic, this Jodeci slow jam always sets the mood right.

Prince: “Insatiable”

Only one man could sing this song in heels.

Ready for the world: “Love you Down”

All the cougars please stand up.

Rene & Angela: “My First Love”

Everyone’s got a first love.

Sade: “Kiss of Life”

If love were a song, it would be this one.

Stevie Wonder-Ribbon in the sky

If you ever lose sight of the love, just look up.

Toni Braxton: “Breathe Again”

Good love can take your breathe away in more ways than one.

Marvin Gaye: “Let’s Get it On”

Does “Let’s Get it On” ever need an explanation?

Zhane: “Sweet Taste Of Love”

This sweet delicate song encapsulates every emotion of love