<p>10-Year-Old Testifies In Rape Trial Of Nicki Minaj's Brother Jelani Maraj</p>


In recent testimony, a 10-year-old boy shared disturbing details about the alleged rape of his then 11-year-old sister at the hands of Jelani Maraj. 

Maraj, who is the brother of pop star Nicki Minaj, allegedly raped the boy’s sister in a basement bedroom in 2015. According to Page Six, the boy, who was 8-years-old at the time of the alleged rape, went to look for his sister after his pencil broke and found her with Maraj. 

He stated that his sister’s pants were “around her ankles” and Maraj’s underwear was “close to his knees.” “I thought it wasn’t right,” the boy testified. “It looked weird to me, so I ran upstairs.”

He added that Maraj slapped him “about 10 times” after he found him. “He asked me if I had seen anything. I said, ‘Yes.’ He slapped me on the cheek.”

Maraj then allegedly used the boy’s mother, Jacqueline Robinson, to threaten him into being silent. “Jelani said I wouldn’t see her again if I told on him,” he said. “His face was kind of mad.” Robinson and Maraj were married at the time.

The ten-year-old stated that his bedroom was next to his sister’s and at night his door would suddenly close and he’d hear his sister’s bed squeaking.

Prosecutors allege that Maraj would have sex with the girl as often as four times a week. A doctor testified last week that the now 14-year-old’s medical records strongly suggest she was having sex. 

According to TMZ, Minaj is expected to testify during her brother’s trial and is set to tell jurors that the alleged victim’s mother attempted to extort her for millions.