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Terry Crews Apologizes After Calling Kids Of Same-Sex Parents 'Severely Malnourished'

The actor sparked controversy over the weekend, but this isn't the first time he's come under fire for LGBTQ comments.
Terry Crews Apologizes After Calling Kids Of Same-Sex Parents ‘Severely Malnourished’
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for MAKERS
Terry Crews faced backlash last weekend after referring to children of same-sex parents as “severely malnourished.” The actor got into a debate about child-rearing on Twitter after tweeting about a New York Times op-ed on former President Barack Obama’s relationship with Black boys.
“If a successful Black man can’t advise the Black male youth of the next generation, who will? THE STREET. That’s who. Why Does Obama Scold Black Boys?” Crews wrote. “Another thing that bothers me is that this OP-ED was written by a WOMAN about how boys should be taught to grow into successful young men. How would she know? MEN NEED TO HOLD OTHER MEN ACCOUNTABLE.” The conversation spiraled from there as the actor continued to discuss parenthood, responding to various tweets from followers who disagreed. In since-deleted tweets, Crews responded to one user, “I’ve reiterated many times that same-sex couples and single parents can successfully raise a child. But I believe paternal AND maternal love are like vitamins and minerals to humanity. No matter where you get that paternal and maternal love. MY purpose is to give paternal love.” When the user responded that children will not suffer with just “one gender loving them,” Crew said, “But they will be severely malnourished.” After facing intense backlash, Crews apologized, explaining, “I apologize to anyone who was hurt by my ‘severely malnourished’ tweet. It was in response to someone who said kids wouldn’t ‘starve.’ It was poorly worded so I deleted it.” Still, Crews has landed in hot water for his LGBTQ comments and beliefs before. Last year, the actor shared on Instagram, “Why is it considered perfectly fine to be transgender, but deemed totally unacceptable to be TRANSRACIAL?” He later apologized and told fans that he was still “learning and reflecting.”