Every teen girl would love to have their celebrity crush take them to the prom, and one Philadelphia teen was determined to make it happen, even if it meant she had to get a little creative.

Over the weekend, high school senior Audeva Agyeman shared photos that she took with her longtime crush and prom date. actor Michael B. Jordan…well, sort of.

Since the 17-year-old could not actually bring the Black Panther star as her date, she made a cardboard cutout of him instead.

Agyeman admits she’s loved Jordan since he first starred on HBO’s The Wire. For the big moment, she used a 2014 photo of Jordan at the Academy Awards when he donned a black tuxedo that perfectly complemented her black and gold gown.

“It took me an hour to chose the right picture of him from the Oscars in a suit that matched my dress, standing tall, big smile and staring straight so that it would look good in pictures,” Agyeman told ESSENCE via email.

While taking the life-sized cutout of the star wasn’t her first choice for a prom date, he was definitely the most memorable.

“Well I asked my friend Tyler and he couldn’t come because of college stuff,” Agyeman told ESSENCE. “My other friend Dillon was going with someone else and everyone else said no because they thought it was weird to go to an all-girls school prom. So I decided, let me make a cardboard cutout because I’m always being unique so I knew this would stand out.”

And stand out she did.

After Agyeman posted the photos, a video of her St. Hubert High School for Girl’s prom arrival was shared on The Shade Room, and the Internet was very impressed. Agyeman hopes that The Creed 2 star sees her photos and her fingers are crossed that one day she might have a chance to meet him in person.

“Honestly I’ve anticipated what I would say the day if I met him in person for a long time and still have no idea. I’d probably scream, faint, cry, hug, hyperventilate, I have no idea!”

While we aren’t sure if Jordan has seen Agyeman’s photos, we’re quite sure he’d love them too if he did.


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