TBT: Totally Random Hit Songs From Actors You May Have Forgotten Were Singers 

From Jasmine Guy to Eddie Murphy, their pop careers may have been short-lived but they definitely gave us hits. 

Sydney Scott Jun, 08, 2017

Can actors really call themselves stars if they haven’t dabbled in at least one other field during their rise to fame?

It’s quite common for celebrites to add new projects to their resumé that fans may be a bit shocked to see. And, for actors it’s quite often music they decide to get into.

Some are successful — Will Smith and Jamie Foxx — creating iconic hit songs. Others aren’t so lucky.

Then there are also those who fall somewhere in between, brief careers that either land them a hit or some form of notoriety.

From Eddie Murphy to Jasmine Guy, here are a few actors turned musicians who fall into that middle category.


Tatyana Ali - “Daydreamin’”

If you weren't listening to this hit from Tatyana Ali, then what were you doing?

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Terrence Howard - “Sanctuary”

Hustle & Flow seemed to give Howard the push he needed to fully give music a shot. So, if you're curious about what the actor was up to between that and Empire, this is it.

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Eddie Murphy - “Party All The Time”

Who could forget Murphy's classic hit song and collaboration with Rick James?

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Wayne Brady - “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Brady actually earned a Grammy nomination for his cover of this Sam Cooke classic and don't you ever forget it.

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Emmanuel Lewis - “City Connection”

Fun fact: Emmanuel Lewis had a number one hit in Japan called "City Connection" and it is everything.

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Raven Symone - “That’s So Raven"

It's actually tough to pick just one Raven Symone song because she truly had hits. "Backflip," "Some Call It Magic," "Double Dutch Bus," and her first hit song "That's What Little Girls Are Made Of" are all pretty iconic.

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Jasmine Guy - “Try Me”

Guy gaves us two iconic hits, "Try Me" and "Just Want To Hold You."

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