We’ve seen Taraji P. Henson own a lot of roles, but her latest as a private assassin just changed the game. 

The film, Proud Mary, is about a hired killer for a Boston crime family who changes wigs and leather jackets at the drop of a hat. On one mission, she meets a child that sparks her maternal instincts— and changes the course of her life thereafter. 

Leave it to Taraij to find some heart in an assassin story.

Just in case you’re not getting a clear pace of the film from the trailer (above), it’s being directed by Babak Najafi who did London Has Fallen with Gerard Butler. Starring alongside Henson, is Danny Glover, Neal McDonough and newcomer, Jahi Di’Allo Winston.

Proud Mary will hit theaters January 12, 2018 in theaters nationwide.


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