Taraji P. Henson: Women Have Been Sexually Harassed Since The Beginning Of Time
Level1studio/Getty Images

Taraji P. Henson is weighing in on sexual assault scandals and ageism in Hollywood. 

The Empire  star, who is set to star in the upcoming action-thriller Proud Mary (out January 12), which she also executive produced, appeared on ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl podcast where she commented on recent sexual assault allegations rocking Hollywood as men like Harvey Weinstein and Russell Simmons face numerous accusations. 

“It’s not a secret, that’s been going on… our president grabs p*****s,” Henson said, referring to Trump’s comments from a leaked Access Hollywood tape. “Why are we isolating it only to Hollywood? People, women have been going through this since the beginning of time. Do you know this is happening right now in some office somewhere in some bum f–k town?”   

Henson also addressed ageism in Hollywood. “I’m 47 and I’m proud to say that because, I think, women often shy away from telling our ages because in society it’s not cool to be an older woman.

“I think we look better as we get older. We age like fine wine, ya know?”

Henson noted regular comments about her career and her rise to fame as an examples of subtle ageism in the industry. “People say I got off to a late start, I don’t know what that means. By whose time clock? But, whatever. I always said I would never be afraid to say my age. I think we need to hear that as women. Men can age and bald and get fat and still have jobs, they’ll just hire young sexy women to make them look younger. So, why can’t we be hot and fly and fine and still do action films.”

This holiday season, the Oscar-nominated actress returns to host the third annual Taraji’s White Hot Holidays, a holiday extravaganza where she called on friends like Salt-N-Pepa, Method Man, Niecy Nash, Faith Evans, Chaka Khan, and more to bring fans stellar performances and hilarious holiday skits.