Choreographer Tanisha Scott Dishes On Drake’s Brilliance: “He’s Always A Step Ahead”
Mohamed Sadek

Tanisha Scott is one of the industry’s best choreographers. She’s worked with Sean Paul, choreographing “Gimme The Light,” and has worked with Rihanna on numerous occasions. 

Scott is also known for Drake’s now iconic “Hotline Bling” video. Scott recently teamed up with GapFit for their new collection, which includes GapFit Sculpt, leggings and shorts for women that shape and support. ESSENCE was invited to learn a few moves from the choreographer and spoke with her about working with Drake and the artist who surprised her the most with his flawless moves.

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“Drake, he’s a smart man,” Scott dishes after leading an insane dance class showing off moves she custom-made for GapFit. She adds that with “Hotline Bling” the rapper was well aware of the affect the video would have on fans and the internet. “He loves his craft, he’s a lover of music…just anything artistic, movies and whatnot. He puts himself one hundred percent into what it is. And, he just loves working with people who challenge themselves and challenge the world.”

Scott also revealed that of the numerous celebs she’s worked with, she was surprised to find that Ne-Yo was a naturally good dancer, calling the artist “an exceptional, exceptional dancer.”