Watch Tamia Slay A Beautiful Medley Of Drake's Hit Songs

The talented singer was just playing around in the studio, but we'd pay for an album of Tamia-Drake covers!

Don’t get it twisted. Tamia still has a beautiful voice and can hit notes like she did 20 years ago.

The singer, who recently posted a video of her crew playing around in the studio, proved this with an amazing medley of recent hits. But instead of singing her own songs, she belted out some Drake hits that included “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Fake Love.”

Vibing out with her is singer Shep Crawford and piano player Ryan Gray Hawken.

But remixing current hits with her R&B flow is something Mrs. Grant Hill does on the regular. In a video posted on March 31, she sings Rihanna’s “Stay” as her husband of 18 years plays the piano. 

“R&B doesn’t get as much support as a lot of other genres,” she said in an interview with Billboard. “I do believe there’s a lot of great R&B out there. If we’re speaking mainstream, it doesn’t get the platform that other genres do, and it is a shame. The more we support it, the more people will demand that R&B gets a better platform and people will get the opportunity to perform at things like the Billboard [Music] Awards.”

Tamia is currently working on her seventh studio album after releasing Love Life in 2015. She’s also set to perform with Joe on May 20 at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, TX.

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