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Tamar Braxton Said Her Divorce Still Isn’t Final Because Of ‘The Paperwork’

Tamar Braxton dropped by "The Wendy Williams Show" to chat about her pending divorce, her new bae, and an exciting new reality show.
Tamar Braxton stopped by The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week to welcome the host back to the air and talk about all of the exciting developments in her life. In addition to winning Celebrity Big Brother and dating a handsome Nigerian businessman she’s dubbed “T’Challa,” Braxton also explained why her divorce with her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, isn’t final just yet.
“It’s the paperwork, Linda!” Braxton declared. “And it’s L.A. And when you have a lot of things together and L.A., just period, takes forever. We haven’t been living together for two years now.” With her marriage to Herbert firmly in the rearview mirror, Braxton has turned her attention to another suitor — her still-unnamed beau. “He doesn’t jump in front of the camera, he has no desire to be. He’s in finance and not mine, honey,” Braxton said, explaining why fans still haven’t seen her man’s face yet. When asked whether or not the 41-year-old wanted to get married again, the singer simply stated, “I don’t know.“ “I would love to have more kids, but I have a fertility thing. I don’t know. I just have to leave it up to God. Whatever his purpose is,” she added. Apparently, God’s purpose is for Braxton to continue to shine. In addition to appearing in the upcoming season of Braxton Family Values, she told Williams she’s also getting her own spin-off show on WE tv, and her ex-husband will appear.

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“Vince will make certain appearances because he is in my life,” she said. “Vince and I are not enemies. You know what I mean? We co-parent very well.” While there’s no word on when Braxton’s show will hit airwaves, the singer said it won’t be filled with crazy antics because it’s time for her to grow up. “I’m about my business nowadays,” she explained. “In 2019, you have to grow up at some point, I’ll be 42 later on this month.” The new season of Braxton Family Values will premiere on WE tv on April 4.