Tamar Braxton is finally speaking up about her recent ordeal with a Delta Airlines pilot, saying that she feels her TV reputation may have had an impact and that she has since filed a police report. The singer told TMZ cameras that she “definitely” feels that she was a victim after the pilot of a Delta flight she took last month lectured her for no apparent reason. Towanda, Tamar’s sister, recorded the incident and shared it on her social media where it quickly went viral. “I think that because of what people perceive on television is why I was targeted in the first place,” she said. “And that wasn’t really fair because I did nothing wrong. I did nothing but sit in my seat, put my seatbelt on, and try to get back home to my son. I was targeted because of how someone felt I act on television.”

Tamar admitted that she doesn’t think it was a #FlyingWhileBlack issue. Instead, the pilot was simply acting unprofessionally. “The company is not bad, but sometimes you hire bad people that make bad decisions,” she explained, adding that she had filed a police report. “I treat everyone with respect. I really do try to do my best to be nice to everyone. And it is just unfortunate because, you see, I am still a customer.” The video shows the Delta airlines pilot lecturing Tamar about following flight attendant instructions on the plane, before telling her she could not ask him any questions. He then walks away without letting Tamar respond. “Here’s how this works,” he says in the video posted to Towanda’s Instagram. “My flight attendants work for me. They give orders that come from me. So if you get an instruction from a flight attendant, I need to know that you are willing and able to do what you’re told to do.” “Are you willing and able to do what you’re told to do by a flight attendant? Don’t ask me any questions. Answer yes or no,” he added, condescendingly. Her sister Towanda captioned the video, “[Tamar] got ridiculed by a pilot for flying while Black on Delta. Wow! I guess being a diamond and double million-miler don’t matter… [Delta], Shame on you…” The sisters can then be heard discussing whether they should deplane. After the incident, Delta responded in a tweet that they were investigating Towanda’s claims. “Towanda, our employee reflect our culture of treating all people with dignity and respect, and if we aren’t doing that, we aren’t doing our job. We’re looking into it now,” the company wrote on July 28.


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