SZA and Issa Rae is the midweek content we didn’t know we needed. 

In the latest episode of Billboard‘s YouTube series “Quizzed,” Insecure creator and purveyor of #RootingForEverybodyBlack, Issa Rae welcomed SZA for the trivia game of all trivia games.

“Thank god I brushed my teeth before,” joked SZA, who played missing person LaToya Thompson on Insecure season four. The two discussed the important topics of course: men, the internet and smoking weed vs. drinking alcohol.

While Rae says she tends to brush off criticism of internet haters, SZA asked, “You don’t be worried that real people on the street know what happened on the internet and they’ll be thinking about it when you meet them? Stop playing.”

“It’s not a real problem if you can just log out. It’s literally not real,” said Rae. “It’s so easy to distract yourself and go into the real world and pass people in the street that don’t even know what’s going on.”

The singer also admitted that she once dated a “Lawrence type guy” in real life, only to end up cheating on him, which later inspired one of her songs. “I was mad that whole season because I just felt that whole experience of dealing with a wack dude,” she shared.

Rae continues the interview with what she calls “deep cut” questions at the musician, who recently directed her first video, during the episode. You can watch the full 13-minute episode on Billboard’s YouTube. 


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