‘Don’t F— With My Family!’ Kenya Moore Defends Her Marriage Against ‘Boldface Lies’
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This article originally appeared on people.com.

Kenya Moore has a strong message for her haters: twirl off!

The 46-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star issued a stern warning on Instagram against anyone spreading false rumors about her marriage to new husband Marc Daly.

“It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to discredit you, spread propaganda, boldface lies and publish entire articles based on an ‘anonymous’ or unknown sources,” Moore wrote. “My marriage and my life will not be made a mockery of.”

Though she said she’s “ignored this empty rhetoric in the past,” Moore is “fighting back” this time.

“No more,” she wrote. “Enough is enough.”

“Be warned, I’m coming for you and we all know how this will end for you,” Moore added. “I always have the last laugh. #lawsuit #receipts #reallove #DontF*ckWithMyFamily.”

PEOPLE exclusively broke the news that Moore and Daly had tied the knot June 10 in a tropical private ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

“It was just so perfect,” Moore said of their elopement, which took place at a private resort in St. Lucia. “I’m just ecstatic. This man is the love of my life, and I’m so happy to begin our lives together as husband and wife.”

The couple met through mutual friend (and fellow Bravolebrity) Chef Roblé Ali a year prior but didn’t start dating until December.

Moore kept Daly’s identity secret at first.

“He didn’t sign up for this world, I did,” Moore explained. “Every time someone has been associated with me, they attack that person – immediately going after them, trying to bring them down and saying crazy things. They tear people apart. And so for [Marc], he was like, ‘This is about me and you — it’s not about me or you.’ He just wanted it to be about our pure love and not about him.”

“That’s why I fell in love with him,” Moore continued. “For him, it’s about being my protector and my best friend  — not being someone that stands next to me, but someone who supports me and is okay with being behind me sometimes. He doesn’t want my money, he doesn’t want my fame, he doesn’t want my success — he just wants my heart, and he has it.”

At the time, Moore also told PEOPLE what she would say to critics.

“I think if anybody has anything negative to say, I think I would just encourage those people to look within their heart because I think the issue is with them,” she said. “I always feel happy when someone finds happiness. Why would you feel otherwise? You have to be just as happy a other people’s success as you are as your own. And if you’re not, that to me just says you need to look in the mirror as yourself.” 

“I twirl on my haters,” she said. “If you have a problem with my life, I’ll just keep twirling on.”


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