Life is full of unexpected twists, turns, roadblocks and detours. When things don’t go the way we expect them to go, we have two choices. We can accept our current circumstances as our lot in life, or we can hold on, believe that things will get better, and give God what I like to call a “yet praise.”

What’s that? You’ve lost your job and don’t know how you’re going to handle your living expenses — yet. You’re getting close to forty and you want a husband and family, but you’re not in a relationship — yet. You have dreams about opening your own business or going back to school, but family responsibilities won’t allow you to pursue those dreams — yet.

During my toughest times I thank God for what he is about to do for me. It’s important to believe that things will get better because if you don’t, you may miss some wonderful opportunities or make some bad choices. Many of you know that I auditioned for “Sunday’s Best” only a few days after I had lost my house in Florida to foreclosure. I have three children, and that was a devastating loss.

When my friends and family encouraged me to drive to New Orleans to audition for the show, I could have decided that things were too bad in my life to focus on something else. I had always dreamed of being able to minister to people around the world through song. So despite my loss, I gave God a “yet praise” and got on the road.

Being on that show was a life-changing experience, and now I am with Music World Gospel and I have a new CD that I believe will bless people around the world! Imagine the blessing I would have missed — not to mention the opportunity I now have to bless others — if I didn’t trust and believe during that terrible time that there was something better ahead for me.
That’s one of my examples. What’s yours? Are you settling for a relationship that you know in your heart isn’t right for you because you’re afraid there’s nothing better out there for you?  Walk away from that relationship and try some “yet praise.” Are you in a job that makes you miserable because you’re afraid you can’t make it in the field you really want to be in or as an entrepreneur? Investigate the possibilities, attend a seminar or audition, or start your business part time. Believe in a brighter future and try some “yet praise.”

What if you’ve done some things in your past that you wish you hadn’t done. Are you now so afraid that those mistakes will keep you from the future you want that you just keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Believe that even now you are being transformed and that many blessings are ahead of you. Try some “yet praise” and break that destructive cycle. None of this is easy, but with God all things are possible. Try some “yet praise” and you will surely begin to live your best life!

Le’Andria’s debut album “The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson” hits stores September 6th. You can stream the entire album here!