Our Summer Movie Crush: Donald Glover in ‘Magic Mike XXL’
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Donald Glover is like that cute nerd from math class. He can help you with your homework and make you laugh, but you don’t quite see him as a love interest.

Well, get ready to adjust that perception when you see the 31-year-old comedic actor in the hit male stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL. Glover not only works his sinewy physique and impressive six-pack abs effectively, but he also serenades the ladies.

ESSENCE caught up with Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino, while he was promoting the movie. Glover, who is best known for his role on Community and as an award-winning 30 Rock writer, is currently shooting the pilot for his new FX series, Atlanta, about two cousins navigating the city’s rap scene. 

Magic Mike XXL stars Channing Tatum and Jada Pinkett Smith. 

Your bromance with Matt Bomer’s character Ken was so cute. Can you talk about playing Andre and co-starring in this movie?
Thank you. I was a fan of Matt’s even before I met him. Being in this movie is intimidating because it’s a franchise people care about, but also because you have to be naked and do stuff. But the cast welcomed me with open arms. 

Talk about your dance scenes. You’re not the typical matinee idol, but you do have a sexy vibe especially in the scene where you sing “Caroline.” 
Wow. Is that what they call it? Matinee idol? I’ve never heard that term. [Laughs] I appreciate it. But I think it’s a cool spot to be in. I’ve never really tried to do anything like this, so I thought I might as well, and it’s been so much fun to try it out. 

The scene at the end where you’re dancing in a ballroom full of women was incredible to watch. Those are real women. What was it like to shoot that? How insane did that get?
It was insane. They were really grabbing us everywhere. I’ve never felt that way before or have had anyone wanting anything to do with my junk. 

The song choices were great too. How was that decided?
It was Channing’s [Tatum] idea. He asked us what we wanted to sing. Matt chose “How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo, and I picked “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Both of those are hard songs to do because people know them. Matt killed when he sang “Heaven,” too. But we like these songs, and we gave it our all. 

Magic Mike XXL is now in theaters. 

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