Sterling K. Brown Opens Up About The ‘Unexpected’ Home Birth Of His First Child
Sterling K. Brown is revealing a bit of himself after Tuesday night’s episode of This Is Us. Spoiler Alert The actor, 41, tweeted during an emotional scene in which his character, Randall, helps his wife, Beth, played by Susan Kelechi Watson, give birth at home to their first daughter. He shared his own story on Twitter, writing, “An unexpected home delivery is something my wife and I went through ourselves with our first born, so this was round 2 for me! #ThisIsUs.”   Brown has two sons with wife Ryan Michelle Bathe: Andrew, 6, and Amaré, 2. He told E! News in September that his kids were a handful, saying, “The 6-year-old is in first grade, and he’s got a lot of personality. Any time you turn the camera on to this child, he shows up.” “He wants to be a scientist, so we’re really hoping the scientist thing happens,” Bathe added. “Because he wants to be better than Einstein. But then he goes, ‘Sexy dance, sexy dance, sexy dance.’” RELATED VIDEO: Sterling K. Brown on the Painful ‘This Is Us’ Scene He Was ‘Dreading’ Joked Brown: “He’s going to be a weird scientist.” Brown’s character, Randall, is facing an emotional adoption storyline in the second season of the hit NBC show. The actor told PEOPLE’s Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle in August that Randall wanted “to sort of fulfill the legacy of his parents Jack and Rebecca, honor William’s [Randall’s birth father (Ron Cephas Jones)] memory, by adopting. Beth [played by Kelechi Watson] doesn’t quite see it exactly the same way as Randall does, so they’re having a conversation, if you will, around this whole adoption issue.” This article originally appeared on People.

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