First Lady Michelle Obama wants to make sure daughters Sasha and Malia don’t turn out to be spoiled brats. She recently told USA Weekend Magazine that she wants the girls to be self-reliant and not depend on the staff. “You’ve got a lot of people who are willing to help and to make life easy,” she said. “We have to just make sure that people aren’t walking in behind them doing things they should be doing for themselves. We have to set some pretty clear boundaries with the staff to ensure the kids still take ownership of their spaces.” She also talked about the girls having to do homework on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. “They can’t just run and turn on the TV. I have to see that they’ve done a page of homework,” she said. Computer use is also limited and monitored. “There’s Skype and all that, and you sort of lean over and you think, ‘Are you really doing schoolwork?'” Kudos to the First Lady’s parenting style.