It’s almost been a year since Solange released her critically-acclaimed and beloved album, A Seat at the Table, an album that debuted at number one of the Billboard 200. Solange recently reflected on the album with an Instagram post revealing all her thoughts and feelings at the time of its release. “Exactly a year ago, I turned in A Seat at the Table with knots in my stomach,” she wrote. “If you would have told me then, I’d playing it live and sell out hollywood bowl, radio city, greek theatre and kennedy center, I wouldn’t have even been able to wrap my head around it.” The album’s lead single, “Cranes in the Sky,” earned the singer her first Grammy. The album also topped the hip hop/r&b charts. After the release of A Seat at the Table, Solange and Beyoncé became the first sisters to ever have a number one albums in the same year. “I’m so incredibly grateful for the journey I’ve been able to take with this record,” Solange continued. “And as we kick off this tour tonight I am filled with an abundance of jubilance and light for all of it….the love, the pain, the rage, the process and the rise…”