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Solange Responds to Fan Who Questions Why Her Son Speaks French

Don't come for Solo unless you're ready for a serious clapback!
Solange Responds to Fan Who Questions Why Her Son Speaks French
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Solange Knowles recently celebrated her son’s graduation from fifth grade and like any proud mom shared the moment on social media. In an Instagram video she shared on Wednesday, her son Julez gives a speech in French during the graduation ceremony, which seems to have left one fan confused. Solange Celebrates Her Son’s Fifth Grade Graduation

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A commenter wrote: “What Was the poing of him learning and speaking French? Is french going to get him into heaven? Is French in his history? Is he French? Guide him to read and study African history, culture, language, etc. and The bible! His history!  That’s what is important. Stop raising our black little boys to be Euro men. #imjutsaying” We’re not entirely sure what French has to do with getting into heaven, but we do know that one thing you shouldn’t do is worry about Solange’s parenting skills. The singer responded by schooling the commenter on how French has helped her son communicate in Rwanda, Senegal, and Morocco and how English is also a “white man’s dialect.”  Solange added, “What I will say is one of the key factors in mking a decision on whether to embark on the French Immersion journey was actually made with the hopes of him being able to travel to many countries in Africa and connect, experience, and learn.” “What works for us, may not work for your family,” she wrote, “But today I am damn proud of my soon to be 6th grader.”