Scam Site: Solange And Joanne The Scammer Finally Meet
Instagram/Solange Knowles
Coachella 2017 is in full swing with some of the world’s biggest artists taking the stage in the desert. But it appears that one of the most iconic moments of the festival took place off stage: Solange Knowles finally met Joanne The Scammer. Solange did not caption the photo, but she did set her location as “scam site.” Their meeting has been in the making since last year when Solange shared a video of herself impersonating the famous scammer, whose real name is Branden Miller. “Take that, Joanne Prada!” she said while sauntering through a hotel after shooting her “Cranes in the Sky” video. “Mr. Scammer, living the caucasian life, but I am NOT the one.” Joanne was dressed in fuller scammer mode, wearing a bra, pink fur and flower crown. Solange looked regal in all-red. It’s definitely iconic.


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