45 Times Snoop Dogg Was #HairGoals

Snoop Dogg is world-renowned for his rap skills -- but let's be honest, his hair is pretty damn dope as well. From the moment Snoop hit the scene in the early 90s his music and his mane have captivated us. From his Doggystyle twists to his most recent head full of locs, the 45-year-old musician has transformed his tresses countless times over the years. We've swooned over his sleek press, tight cornrows and bouncy barrel curls. In short, Snoop has given us endless hair inspiration. In celebration of his birthday (October 20) we've rounded up a stunning selection of the rapper's most covetable hairstyles. Check 'em out below -- and tell us which one is your favorite? 

Julee Wilson Oct, 20, 2016