Saturday Night Live took on the women in Donald Trump’s universe in a hilarious parody of Beyoncé’s “Sorry” video.

Appropriately titled “Melanianade”, the cast re-imagined the video with Trump’s female surrogates fed up with how the nominee has acted through the election cycle. “I stood by your side this whole campaign, your dutiful beautiful Melania,” an accented Cecily Strong says, playing Melania Trump.

The rest of the ensemble is just as great: guest host Emily Blunt as Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon as outspoken surrogate KellyAnne Conway, Vanessa Bayer as Tiffany Trump (“your other daughter”, and Sasheer Zamata as—who else?Omarosa (“Your one Black friend”).

Trump has had a difficult week following a leaked video of him talking about sexually assaulting women that sent his campaign into a tailspin. After denying he had ever attacked women during the second presidential debate, more women continue to come out with allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate sexual advances.

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Trump’s family have more or less remained silent. Melania Trump’s only response to the allegations is to dispute details of People Magazine’s Natasha Stoynoff’s story that Trump attacked her while she was reporting a story on Donald and Melania’s first anniversary. Melania disputes running into Natasha Stoynoff after the alleged assault, saying they “were never friends or even friendly.”