Slow Your Roll and Achieve Your Goals
Keith Major

When it comes to my niece … I can be a pushover. Her cries somehow find a central nerve that makes me want to “fix” whatever is wrong at the moment. My instinct is to act. But, there are times when giving into her cries sets a poor example.

Case in point, this morning… as my brother insisted that she pick up the bacon that she threw on the floor. I couldn’t handle the crying, so I retreated to the basement. Above me I could hear the battle between two strong wills. Her father—insisting that she do what was right. And her—insisting that she do what she wants. Thankfully, her parents understand that teaching her obedience and self-control is far more important than placating her tantrums.

Our cultural mentality is one of quick response and results. We have forgotten that time has a purpose. While “high speed” is a reasonable requirement for DSL service, it doesn’t produce character and discipline.

I’ve been the lonely girl who lets her mind rush to the wedding before being asked out on a date. As a businesswoman, I frustrated myself wanting fame and fortune—while resisting the required hard work. For many of us, the missing ingredient to achieving our goals and making our dreams come true isn’t that we lack the ability, capacity or the opportunity. Many times, the problem is a lack of patience.

Here are ways we can actively work to build patience into our lives:

1. Count the Costs: Impatience has a price—and most times, it’s not worth what we pay. Until we examine the impact of our past actions, we won’t change. Impatience has cost me many opportunities and lots of money! We would be far more willing to slow down if we counted the costs. Engage in a reality check. List your five biggest regrets and analyze the role impatience played in them. Own it!

2. Practice Daily Quiet Time: Confession time…this has been a struggle for me for almost a year now. I know I need to do it. Time and time again, I get nudged that it is a key ingredient I’ve neglected. But I still struggle to resist the urge to jump out of bed and “be productive.”

Practicing daily quiet time will produce results, clarity and focus. When we slow ourselves down, we actually speed up the process of holistic success. Sometimes we go hard, because we don’t want to hear what our hearts and lives are telling us. We have to pump the brakes if we want to slow overwhelm and get to real living!

3. Get Manual: Over the past few weeks, I have given several of my coaching clients the growth assignment of slowing themselves down. Patience has to be built into our personal culture—especially since we lean so heavily on technology for convenience and speed. Try doing small things like actually learning a phone number and dialing it rather than relying on speed dial. Pull out a cookbook and make a meal that takes time. These are small, but important things that help us slow down and actually be present with our actions. Take time to think and enjoy!

Choose one of the above, or find what resonates with you to slow yourself down. Interview a patient person to get an understanding of their philosophy. Find out how I can help you; schedule a free 20-minute laser coaching session at

Affirm, “I will slow down and enjoy my process, so that I will not be robbed of achieving my goals.”

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