On last night’s episode of VH1’s new hit romantic comedy series ‘Single Ladies’ all the premiere drama we expected would soon erupts did, and it wasn’t pretty for any of the girls. Here’s what’s up with our favorite single ladies this week:

The episode opens with Val (Stacey Dash) exploring the world of online dating with the hopes of finding a dreamy new guy to replace her ex Quinn. Friends Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) and April (Charity Shea) are skeptical and warn her that it could lead to trouble. Keisha tells Val she’s always looking for a prince, and she’d prefer to have the castle. Being the optimist that she is, Val goes for it anyway convinced it’s the easiest way to find someone you know will be compatible. One terribly bad date later, Val is back to the drawing board and finds herself once again giving gorgeous grey-eyed white guy K.C. another try.

Keisha and Malcolm (D.B. Woods) heat things up when they contemplate finally getting intimate, but  things quickly go sour when Malcolm gets a hold of a tell-all video vixen diary that labels Keisha a gold-digger. He confronts her about stealing his diamond watch off the Camron video set and she quickly lies to save face (and the evening.) Thinking that she’s successfully seduced Malcolm and gotten his mind off of things, Keisha finally gives him some. After a night of pure passion, Keisha wakes up glowing the next day, only to find that Malcolm isn’t returning or texts or calls.

Last episode, April thought she was in the clear when the woman accused of being the mayor’s mistress wasn’t her, but her relief was short-lived.  The local TV news named April as one of the mayor’s other girls and posted her photo, all just in time for her sweet husband Darryl to see. (Ouch!) That’s when we saw a whole other side of that brother. Furious that his perfect little wife wasn’t as angelic as he thought, Darryl kicked April out, confronted Val about keeping it from him, and basically told April he’ll never forgive her for what she’s done. Plus to add insult to injury, the mayor’s wife bumps into her at Val’s boutique and gives her a piece of her mind. Classic line: “You should have kept your legs closed like you’re keeping your mouth closed right now!” Well put, Mrs. Mayor!

Poor April and Keisha, it doesn’t look like happy ending are in their immediate futures. As for Val, here’s to hoping K.C. turns out to be as awesome as he seems. See you next week girls!

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