Has a pig flown past you yet? This week on VH1’s “Single Ladies,” Val swore to take a break from men, which is also something we thought for sure we’d never see. After friends Keisha and April tease Val for being an “ampersand” woman who always needs a man, she decided they were right, and that it was time for an immediate change. The plan: To avoid flirting with or dating men altogether for at least a month and instead focus on the other things she wants to do in life. Although she vows to read more, learn golf, and cook she winds up meeting a sexy man on the golf course anyway.

She tries her best not to give in to his smoothness, but winds up letting him take her to dinner anyway. Keisha thinks causal sex is the cure for her breakup woes so she keeps a regular in-house appointment with a sexy French trainer. Meanwhile, she still feels guilt over not having been honest with Malcolm about the watch she stole from his set and for giving in to Malcolm only find he still wants things his way.

April’s trying to give her soon-to-be ex-husband Darryl time to work through his anger, but all he’s doing is trying to spend her trust fund as fast as he can. Although she’s hurt and angry, she won’t lawyer-up until Keisha and Val convince her it’s the smartest thing she can do. Darryl is still furious with Val (who was close friends with both him and April in the beginning) and continues to come into her shop with slick things to say.

Val, Keisha, and Omar accompany Christina to a fashion school party and accidentally walk in on her having sex with her controlling professor. Val goes into mommy mode and urges Christina to end the relationship with her professor right away before she gets hurt. Christina doesn’t seem the least bit concerned and tells the girls “he’s a big boy” and he can handle a relationship that’s just about sex.  

The next evening while Val is out breaking her man-cleanse by dating her new gold buddy, an intruder breaks into the girls’ apartment and takes everything but the money April gave to Keisha to hide for her behind a dresser drawer. (Ever heard of a bank, ladies?) Val is most devastated by the break-in and blames Keisha for letting a strange man into their home, but ultimately Keisha and April agree that if Val hadn’t broken her own promise and gone out on a date, she would have been home when it happened.

All in all, it’s about time the girls grew up. There are lots of lessons to live by in this episode. Which ones resonate most with you?