Things were pretty tense this week on ‘Single Ladies’, weren’t they? The girls were forced to confront the past while trying to hold on to the present. That’s never fun for anyone.

Val’s (Stacey Dash) ex Quinn finally comes crawling back after publicly breaking off their five-year relationship, telling her he was “settling” with her, and then getting engaged to someone else. (Yup, he did all of that, and some!) At first he’s all baby-baby I miss you, then he finds out Val isn’t having it and has moved on to date the owner of his team and he freaks out and shows his true jerk roots again. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) refuses to let Val even consider humoring Quinn again, meanwhile Val’s so pissed she can barely think about anything else. April (Charity Shea) asks Val if she’d ever consider going back to Quinn (dumbest question ever!) and thankfully Val says “hell no”. Later Quinn returns with his tail tucked to ask Val to talk to Jerry for him so he’s not traded. Shady boots! Val isn’t sure what to do but ultimately tells Jerry almost the whole truth. Leaving out the part about Quinn trying to get her back. Do you think she should have told everything?

Meanwhile now that things are official between them, Keisha and Malcolm are busy playing house and they’ve neglected their friends and family. Keisha decides to have a brunch at her new “castle” to bring everyone together but things don’t exactly go as planned. Malcolm’s little brother (who’s fresh out of jail) shows up and make a scene causing a temporary rift between Malcolm and Keshia. Malcolm later apologizes telling Keisha the real reason he hates his brother (he may have stolen money from the family) and asks her to come home by giving her a key. (Smooth move, Malcolm!)

April and Reed are still holed up at her place trying to make an album. Reed’s finally starting to act like a civilized artist and April’s hoping they can pull off a miracle. There’s clearly chemistry between them but April refuses not to be professional. It hasn’t stopped Reed from trying though.

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