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‘Single Ladies’ Recap: Splash Around a Little

A recap of last night's episode of "Single Ladies." April's screwed. Did you catch the show?
Last night on ‘Single Ladies’ as usual there was no shortage of drama. All three ladies learned some very valuable lessons this week.

April (Charity Shea) and Daryl are still in therapy and appear to be slowly getting somewhere. She comes clean about feeling stifled by their marriage and he genuinely seems shocked by her revelation. Her 25th birthday is coming up (didn’t you think she was older?) and even though Val (Stacey Dash) and Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) want to throw her something over-the-top, she insists on a low-key party and secretly hopes Daryl will show.

A handsome man uses his young niece to have a reason to check out Val’s boutique and comes on strong while immediately asking her for a date. Intrigued by his respectful and sexy demeanor, Val agrees. Keisha admits she wants Malcolm to call and come crawling back with lots of apologies, then sends him to voicemail when she’s sees him calling. To make some side money, Val has taken Omar’s advice and agreed to rent the boutique at night for private parties. That night, they host one for NFL star Terrell Owens (in a guest appearance as himself), who immediately takes a liking to Val. T.O. asks her to sneak away with him for the night. It’s a tempting offer, but the trouble with that is Val is already there with her date, the guy she met earlier in the shop, and another super gorgeous man has just asked for her digits. Uh-oh! What’s a girl to do? Val starts to freak out, admitting that juggling three guys is not her style, and Keisha delivers the best advice of the show: “Girl, when it’s raining men you’re supposed to grab some boots and a slick and splash.” Well said, Ms. Green.

After taking Keisha’s advice and booking plans with all three men, Val sets out to prove she can maintain her cool and sample some quality time with each of them. She has a great night with T.O., only to arrive to the shop the next morning with flowers from all three suitors waiting for her. Unable to keep her stories in order, Val starts to freak out. “Dating different men at the same time is exhausting,” she exclaims. She really likes the down-home guy she met, but is very turned off by the fact that he’s taking care of his brother and his kids. She tried to play house, but quickly begins to feel smothered when he starts asking her to give the kids rides.

Meanwhile, in the mysterious and sexy world of Ms. Keisha Green, the diva attends a party for A-list millionaires and winds up being wined and dined by a sexy but pretentious professor (played by Isaiah Washington). Keisha is intrigued by his wealth and connections (he knows Michelle and Barack Obama), so she does her best to keep up with his intellect and his snooty friends. Though she reads the online summaries of his books and tries her best to hold her own over dinner, she winds up looking a fool in front of his friends when the topic turns to college and politics. This leaves Keisha missing Malcolm even more and regretting her decision not to put her education first when she had the chance.

Later on at April’s birthday celebration at Val and Keisha’s place, Daryl makes a surprise visit. April is thrilled to see him — until she opens the gift he brought her. Inside the neatly wrapped box were divorce papers, and a once kind and sweet Daryl has turned cold — and vows to go after her for half of her trust fund. (I was wondering what they kept dropping hints about her inheriting some Powerball money.) Did you see that one coming? So sad. What will April do now?