For once on ‘Single Ladies’ this week, the drama had nothing to do with men. Quite the opposite, in fact. Val (Stacey Dash) and Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) had women problems to handle. Val’s old college friend Sharon (played by Queen Latifah in a guest appearance) has landed a national talk show and reveals that she and Val made out once in college to boost her buzz. Val isn’t pleased. She’s happily taking things slow with her new man. He questions her about the allegations, but they quickly get past it. So far so good with this guy, although Val’s still pissed at Sharon for making her look bad in the media.

Keisha finds out she passed her real estate license exam and promises to help April out with a favor for her artist. While visiting a producer’s house, Keisha bumps into a young video vixen who’s too drugged-up to go home. She saves her and brings her back to her place only to find out the next morning when she drops her home that it’s Malcolm’s sister she’s been taking good care of. Malcolm is so grateful and reveals his true feelings for Keisha. She comes clean about stealing his watch from the video set. With all the games and the lies behind them, the pair decide to give real love a try, and Keisha seems genuinely happy with this outcome since she admitted to Val earlier that she has unwittingly fallen in love with Malcolm.

April decided to put her own money up to help her artist, Reed, make his comeback, only to get a call from the hospital saying that he’s overdosed. He’s okay, but April’s pissed the heck off. She picks him up and brings him home to stay with her so she can monitor him 24/7 until they get that album complete. No mention of her ex-husband Daryl and what he’s up to, but we’re guessing he’s still after her cash! Things are just friendly, for now, between April and Reed, but we think we might feel a little “tension” in the air.

Are you happy for Val and Keisha, or do you suspect they’re once again with the wrong guys?