This week the ladies’ happy endings start to rip apart at the seams. We can’t say we’re surprised. We had a feeling their happiness might be short-lived. After all, this is a show about single ladies, right?

Val thought she found perfection in Jerry, whose lavish gifts, gentlemanly behavior, and adoration for her had her head spinning with future marriage possibilities. But after he saw how happy she looked trying on one a client’s wedding gown, Jerry broke the news to Val that he wasn’t getting married again or having any more kids, but he was willing to commit to being with only her for the rest of his life. Now you know Val didn’t take this news well at all. She asked him to give her some time to think about it, complained to her girlfriends that the universe was out to steal her joy, then wound up breaking up with Jerry because she couldn’t handle knowing that they would never progress there. Too bad, we were really starting to dig the two of them together. He did make her so happy!

Meanwhile, Keisha is trying her very best to trust Malcolm, but he hasn’t made it easy. That ex-wife he told her about last week just randomly shows up to their home announced — twice! Each time she requests Malcolm’s help with a personal matter and ticks off Keisha more and more. The second time Ashley pops by, Keisha invites her in, informing her that she knows she still has feelings for Malcolm. Keisha warns Ashley to stay out of her way, or else. (Keisha, we love how you handle business, girl.) Things seemed completely under control until Malcolm’s brother showed up, threatened Malcolm and told Keisha not to trust Malcolm and Ashley. Do you think he was just angry at Malcolm, or could he be telling the truth?

Poor April had her dreams crushed in this episode. After she’s been busting her butt to get former addict Reed’s career up and running again, he has a hit record and has signed with another label and left her high and dry. She’d planned on signing Reed and getting a long overdue promotion to A&R and a raise. Super shady, if you ask us! We didn’t think Reed would bite the hand that fed him, especially when there was so much chemistry between them. What’s going on with the men on this show? Can’t any of them get their ish together?

What do you think? If you were Keisha, would you avoid Malcolm and his drama, or just have faith? If you were Val, would you have accepted Jerry’s unorthodox proposal? Could you have love without marriage and kids?

Let’s discuss!

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