This week on “Single Ladies,” love was in the air.

Val hosted a formal dinner for her friends and their new loves, and emotions were flying. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) brought new beau Malcolm, April brought her artist, Reed, and shop intern Christina shows up with a new, seemingly perfect date. Omar was supposed to bring his boo, but was stood up, and forced to endure all the surrounding lovey-doveyness alone.

Jerry watched as host Val was so busy serving all her friends, she forgot to take care of herself. Malcolm and Keisha were having a great time, but he couldn’t seem to stay in his seat. Every time his phone rang, he hopped up to go off and talk privately and Keisha was none too pleased. She eavesdrops and overhears him telling another woman that she’ll always have a place in his heart. Keisha keeps her cool then confronts him about it at the house once she realizes it’s a woman named Ashley he’s been talking to, not “an old buddy”.

Malcolm’s upset that Keisha checked his phone, but comes clean anyway. It turns out he was married once before and cheated on his wife big-time. (Say what?!) Now he feels so badly about how he treated her, he doesn’t like to blow off her occasional phone calls. After digesting the info, Keisha tells Malcolm she appreciates his honesty, and she forgives him. Malcolm responds by saying “I love you.” Keisha is happily surprised and says it back.  

After the party, Val and Jerry have a fight when she won’t let him help her clean up. Jerry asks Val to let him take care of her, and for once she takes some good advice and listens. In a moment that I’m sure made all the women watching at home swoon, Jerry undressed and bathed Val, tucked her in bed, then made sweet love to her for the first time. What a keeper! The next morning, Val showed up to the shop glowing — and told the girls she thinks she may have found the one.

Meanwhile, April’s dealing with a lot right now. The good news: She got a local deejay to play Reed’s first record (twice!). The bad news: Reed slept with the deejay, which makes April seem unprofessional, plus, she thinks she may be starting to have feelings for him too. They kissed at Val’s party, but Reed seemed to enjoy it way more than April did. It looks like something is brewing between them though, stay tuned!

Ladies, do you think Malcolm is telling the truth or up to no good? If you were April, would you date Reed? Let’s discuss!